Auracom has Options for your Business

Getting your business connected in Canada is simple with Auracom.  We offer several connection options for your business to keep you connected at all times!  Each business is unique, and we can custom tailor a plan to fit your Canadian business.

DSL and Cable

We provide a variety of DSL and Cable Internet Services and Speeds to meet your companies demands.

SD WAN Options

Take your business to the next level by adding a SD WAN to your package.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Need an dedicated IP Address?  No problem!  At Auracom we can get you the security you need.

Dial Up Services

Does your business need the back up of dial up services? We can help!  Contact us today and see how we can get your business on track.

Get Your Business Connected in Canada

We have coverage from coast to coast including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

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Find the right internet access for you!

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